Guest room cleanliness, regardless of the type or segment of hotel property, consistently rates of highest importance to guests. Hotel housekeeping departments are challenged with doing a thorough job of cleaning each guest room while also doing it efficiently—particularly in maximizing speed and productivity.

Hyatt Hotels implemented a new approach in 79 hotels across the country aimed at more efficient and targeted housekeeping. The program, called the “Housekeeping Stay-Over Program,” eliminated redundant cleaning tasks in stay-over rooms, which allows housekeepers to focus on what matters most to those guests staying multiple nights at a Hyatt. The program was initiated by a survey of guests conducted by Hyatt. Guests stated that when first checking in to a hotel, they are most concerned about having a room that is thoroughly and properly prepared. After that, refreshing the room meets their expectations. Hyatt, as with most hotels, was having housekeepers go through the same cleaning process with each and every room, regardless of the room’s status—check-in or stay over. Eliminating the redundant tasks reduced the cleaning time in a stay-over room from about 24 minutes (the average time of cleaning a room) to 15 minutes.

Other hotels have implemented similar changes. The Adam’s Mark Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, has a “Just Like Home” program. Bed sheets are changed every three days for stay-overs, unless the guest requests otherwise.

Another approach tried by some hotels is team-cleaning as compared to each housekeeper having his or her own rooms. Proponents of this approach claim that there is greater productivity in addition to reduced equipment costs. For example, instead of having a vacuum cleaner for each housekeeper, there can be one per team.

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